Design People-Centered Health and Social Services

We support organizations to design people-centered health and social services through rigorous research and meaningful engagement.

About Us​

Our team published a scoping review of 149 studies on people’s reactions and behaviors during pandemics within nine months. This work informed decision-making locally and internationally.

Our team has published ten peer-reviewed studies on how communities react to pandemics. Examples include COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy, patient and family engagement, mental health, and trust.

Our team has led nearly ten reports to support funding health technologies and drugs.

Our team has generated a series of methodological papers that have received nearly 200,000 views on ResearchGate.

As a team, we have published more than 100 peer-reviewed papers and policy reports with nearly 30 organizations.

Since 2017

We provide technical and research methods support


We can facilitate priority-setting and the development of funding and/or program strategy.

Patient and family engagement

We can develop engagement processes, protocols, and models. We can also provide patient and family engagement training in organizational activities (e.g., decision-making, priority-setting, and quality improvement) and research.

Health service design and re-design

We can support the design or re-design of health services, such as emergency departments, waiting rooms in primary care clinics, organizational workflows, and more.

Policy making and stakeholder deliberations

We can facilitate stakeholder deliberations on technologies, devices, or health services and assist you in conducting policy analyses.

Program design and evaluation

We can help design programs from the objectives and theoretical frameworks through to pilot testing and evaluation.

Curriculum design and educational development

We can design online, in-person, and blended adult training curricula on any of the above topics.

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